Placenta Medicine

Placenta medicine is the process of turning the raw placenta into a postpartum supplement. By consuming the placenta in a pill or tincture form during the postpartum period you are re-introducing the hormones and nutrients contained in the placenta back into the body. Placenta medicine is thought to be beneficial in promoting breast milk production, increasing energy and decreasing postpartum anxiety & depression or the “baby blues”.

Placenta medicine can take several forms and at Duluth Placenta we offer placenta pills and tinctures. Pills can be made in two different ways, the most common is the “Raw Method”. In this method the placenta is dehydrated ¬†and then ground into a powder and placed into pills. The second method is the “Traditional Chinese Method”, in which the placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger and jalepeno then dehydrated, ground into a powder and placed into pills. Both methods have anecdotally been beneficial to women in their postpartum time, however, the Raw Method is highly recommended. In the Raw Method nothing is added to the placenta, it is simply what your body produced and likely, all your body needs returned to itself. The Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) adds heat and warming elements to the placenta pills which is thought to make them more “energizing”. However, some women have found the TCM pills to be too “stimulating” and perhaps more energizing than they needed. Placenta tinctures are a liquid form of the medicine that lasts longer than the quantity of pills remains. Placenta powder (that would have been placed in a pill) is steeped in vodka for 6 weeks and then taken as a liquid drop. Most women have used up all their placenta pills by 6 weeks postpartum and find it useful to have another form of their medicine on hand.


Duluth Placenta also offers placenta prints. Prints are made on watercolor paper and are a great way to commemorate your unique placenta before turning into pills!



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